SL Syndicate's 3rd Anniversary Celebration!

May 1st-31st

Help us celebrate our 3rd official anniversary!  We have a lot of fun planned for you all during the entire month.

What sort of fun you ask?  Well let us tell you.

Sewer Hunt –  Yes a hunt in the sewer, a sim size sewer at that.  Time to get your waders on and get dirty as you go on a hunt for prize poo.  Yes, poo.  Do not worry, it is cute poo, we promise.  No really, it is cute.  We will show you once we make said poo.

Street Sale –  There will be stores set up in the streets at our in world headquarters.  You will find items 30% off or more at each booth.

Giveaways & more!  Since we have an entire month to celebrate, there is bound to be giveaways, parties, and probably more, knowing us.


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