How Do I Suggest Content For The Website?

There are two different ways to submit a suggestion to us.

  1. Contact Us – There are links at the top and bottom of the website which will open a form for you to submit information to us directly.
  2. Discord – Join our server and you can use the Contact Us room to post information.

How Do I Contact SL Syndicate Staff?

The best way to contact any staff is to use our Discord server.

All of our staff have different role tags, so please contact anyone with the title of Staff, Official or Leadership.

Is there a Second Life Syndicate In World Group?

Yes, we have a group and it is free to join.   Group Info Here

Do You Have An In World Location?

You can teleport to our home In World Here

Where can I find a list of your social media?

All of our media links are below.

In-World Group  –  Facebook Page  –  Facebook Group  –  General Flickr

Freebie Flickr  –  Plurk –  Twitter


Do you have a Sign/Kiosk I can put out at my Store/Event/Sim?

Absolutely!  If you would like a copy of our official kiosk, please contact Ylva Korhonen or Helena Stringer in world to get a copy.

May I Advertise On Your Website?

We do not currently have paid advertisements (actual ads) on our site, but we do have featured packages coming soon.

We do cover events that meet our qualifications to be listed on our website, which does not cost a fee.  You may apply to be listed by using our Contact Us page.

While we cannot guarantee we will cover your event, we will do our best to do so when possible.


Why do certain designers seem to get more coverage than others on your site?

The reason for this is because we showcase any designers who are actively participating with SL Syndicate.  We promote community.  They support us, we support them.

Why share so many free/discounted items, deals, and gifts?

Not everyone has a large Linden budget in SL, but that does not mean they deserve to get stuck with limited content.  Even if you do have the Lindens to buy items, it is nice to try something from a creator, that is not a demo, in order to get a feel for their work.  Besides, we all like free so shhhhh!

As for gifts, well this is a great way for SL creators to reward their loyal customers and show their appreciation.  It also gives us customers something to not only look forward to, but a reason to stay loyal and stick with that creator.

Why was Second Life Syndicate created?

We noticed that there was no place for information all in one spot, but rather you had to look at multiple places to find what you were looking for.

Due to this, we decided to create a community resource for SL users.  Our goal is to provide an all in one stop for what you are looking for, from helpful tutorials to current events.

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