Please include the following information:

  1. Name of & Slurl of location(s)
  2. Category for item(s) – Freebie, Cheapie, Group Gift, etc.
  3. Event Poster & Info – For any events, please give dates, any posters available and a small description.

There are two different ways to submit a suggestion to us. 

  1. Discord – Join our server and you can use the Contact Us room to post information OR you may message Ylva Korhonen  privately.
  2. Contact Us – The tab at the top right of the website will open a form for you to submit information to us directly to email.

We are currently moving our in world home and will update with our new location soon.

We do not currently have advertisements on our site and do not have plans to change that in the near future.

  • Look, not everyone has a large Linden budget in SL, but that does not mean they deserve to get stuck with crappy content. That is not fair to them, or to those of us whom have to look at them if we are honest. The other side to all of this is that even if you do have the Lindens to buy items, it is nice to try something from a creator, that is not a demo, in order to get a feel for their work. We do this as do countless others. Besides, we all like free so shhhhh!
  • As for gifts, well this is a great way for SL creators to reward their loyal customers and show their appreciation. It also gives us customers something to not only look forward to, but a reason to stay loyal and stick with that creator.