Round 1

COMING November 20TH

Welcome to Salvage Station. Your final stop in a Post-Apocalyptic world fused with varied technology.

Scavenge for any materials you can find, and get your hands on whatever technology is out there. It is time to rebuild.


In a world where we pushed technology to the brink of destruction, and technology finally said enough, a train filled with passengers with varying technologies, heading out of town to make it before everything goes to hell, to seek out a better life….crashes in the middle of nowhere.

Junkpunk, Wastepunk, Steampunk, Aetherpunk, Cyberpunk, Dieselpunk, nature, and the elements are all thrown into one another, creating a Post-Apocalyptic winter where technologies are thrown against one another, and made to work together in order to survive.

Welcome to the Salvage Station, where the people you meet, the technology you encounter, could be your only salvation.

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