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Round 1 Now Closed

Welcome to Salvage Station. Your final stop in a Post-Apocalyptic world fused with varied technology.

Scavenge for any materials you can find, and get your hands on whatever technology is out there. It is time to rebuild.


In a world where we pushed technology to the brink of destruction, and technology finally said enough, a train filled with passengers with varying technologies, heading out of town to make it before everything goes to hell, to seek out a better life….crashes in the middle of nowhere.

Junkpunk, Wastepunk, Steampunk, Aetherpunk, Cyberpunk, Dieselpunk, nature, and the elements are all thrown into one another, creating a Post-Apocalyptic winter where technologies are thrown against one another, and made to work together in order to survive.

Welcome to the Salvage Station, where the people you meet, the technology you encounter, could be your only salvation.


Welcome to the Survivor’s Hunt

For any of you wondering what happened to all of the Salvage Station Survivor’s, now is your chance to find out.  Grab a HUD, scavenge for parts, learn to combine them together to get some goodies.  This is your chance to follow in their footsteps to see a bit of what it was like for them.

Now don’t worry, we have put together some instructions and important information for you to know before you get started.

To bring this to you, we have partnered with The Wastelands, which is the oldest and largest post-apocalyptic themed residential estate within Second Life, so be sure to check them out when you get time!



▬ Click the poster to get your free HUD.  You must wear this at all times to play the game.  You can get your HUD at the start point.

    ▬ You do NOT get a copy of this HUD in your inventory, but any time you want to play, just click the poster at the start point and it will auto attach to you.  When done, just detach and it is gone.

▬ Make sure you accept the permissions from the experience “The Wastelands” or the game will not work for you.

    ▬ This will be an automatic prompt in a window on the right side of your screen.

▬ Look for the following crates throughout the parcel with the mountain.  They will spawn all around, and at all levels.

▬ Make sure you keep track of the needed recipes for each prize, of which is listed on the poster and on the website.

▬ Once you have items you want to combine for a prize, you must go to the Combiner Stations to do so.



▬ While wearing the HUD, you CANNOT do the following or you will be teleported back to the starting point.

    ▬ Fly

    ▬ Teleport or Double click teleport

    ▬ Any other sort of movement enhancer or assist

▬ You will also not be able to jump as high as normal.

▬ You will need to be close to the crates in order to click them.  This means no cam clicking.


▬ Teleport or walk to the Combiner Stations

▬ Pick an empty station

▬ Click the station, which will give you the following prompt, along with a timer of 120 seconds.

        ▬ DO NOT click the combine button until ALL needed items for that recipe are rezzed out.

▬ Rez your items out one by one.  Be sure to give it 3-5 seconds between each item.

     ▬ Each time you rez an item, it will take a moment then the item will disappear, this is normal.  Once it takes that item and the timer starts again, rez the next item

        ▬ Make sure you drag your items out to the top of the station booth.

▬ Once you have rezzed out all of the items for that recipe, click the Combine button.

     ▬ If the recipe is correct, you get the following message, and the prize for that recipe.

        ▬ SSSH – Combiner Station: Your combination was successful!

     ▬ If the recipe is wrong, you will get the following message, and all the items you rezzed will be returned to you in a folder called “SSSH – Combiner Station”

        ▬ Object: Your combination attempt was not successful.

First Screen of Combiner


▬ All scavenged parts you find in the crates are transfer only (no copy/no mod/transfer).  This means you can trade parts with each other if you want.

    ▬ You are welcome to use our group chat to talk to one another about trading parts.

    ▬ There are 6 final prizes to be combined.  Some will be harder than others as they require more parts.

    ▬ The permissions on these items will be normal, so copy/mod/no transfer.


    ▬ Bolts  ▬ Bottles ▬ Branch ▬ Circuit Board ▬ Cloth Scrap ▬ Leather Scraps ▬ Metal Pipe ▬ Metal Scraps ▬ Rope ▬ Saw Blade ▬ Wheels ▬ Wood Scraps


    ▬ Ad Board ▬ Drink Trolley ▬ Hobo Pack ▬ Luggage Trunk ▬ Pipe Weapon ▬ Tech Board


SSSH – AD Board
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Bolts
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Metal Scraps
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Wood Scraps

SSSH – Pipe Weapon
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Metal Pipe
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Rope
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Saw Blade

SSSH – Hobo Pack
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Branch
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Cloth Scrap x2
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Leather Scraps

SSSH – Tech Board
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Circuit Board x2
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Metal Scraps
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Metal Pipe x2

SSSH – Drink Trolley
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Bottles x2
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Circuit Board
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Metal Scraps
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Wheels

SSSH – Luggage Trunk
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Bolts
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Circuit Board
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Cloth Scrap
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Leather Scraps
Salvage Station Survivors Hunt – Wood Scraps

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