Freebie Fridays – Dark visiting the Light

Into the forest they creep,Clawing forward,Touching the deep. This is no place for them,Yet they come,Flowing over rock and stem. Shadows fade and darken,both,silent the trees hearken. Awakening is what it brings,to this secluded place,As day alights on bright laced wings. Original Poem by Helena Stringer I missed a friday, I know. Did you miss […]

The Forest

Hey Hey everyone, its that time of the week again. So get your explorers caps on, and make sure you dress up warm. We are going to The Forest. I had actually heard about it on Facebook and wanted to check it out. I actually did a blog post there,  and the pics turned out […]


Hiya everyone, its that time of the week again. Time to get that exploring gear on, and come exploring with me.  Now, I have never been to Borneo in Real life. However, I can’t imagine, it would look like that. This place has a really nice run down look, and a cafe on one end, […]


Okay, guys, it’s that time of the week again. It’s Saturday, and we all know what day that is. It’s Exploration time, and do I have a treat for you.  Today we are gonna check out Magic, a little exploratory/picturesque sim, for You to Check out. It’s Called Magik, actually the whole sim is Called […]


Alrighty, guys, it’s that time of the week again. It’s Saturday, which means it’s time for a bit of exploration. Today’s destination is Arranmore. A dark yet picturesque sim. I have known about this sim, for a while. I have always enjoyed taking photos there. Right when you get in, you land at a train […]


Today I visited a place, I have used a lot, for my photos. It’s called Kekeland-Bardeco. Its actual setup like an Italian village, it’s beautiful, it Quaint, and it was done really well. I love the attention to detail, especially to some of the storefronts, and interiors. You really feel like, you are at a […]