Freebie Fridays – What am I doing with my SLife???

What am I doing with my SLife

Hi Everyone! It has been a while. I’ve been busy with my store, but decided to to a quick sneak onto the website tonight, and get a post up.

You will be seeing a bit more of me in the coming weeks, as there are two things coming up, Engine Room and Fantasy Faire. I kind of channeled my inner fantasy today for this post, and I hope you all enjoy!

Helena Stringer - SLS - Freebie Fridays - Ostara's Alter Hunt - 1

Ostara’s Alter is ending this weekend, so if you haven’t been by, it is time to go. There are many interesting exclusives to be had at the event, as well as an egg hunt, with each booth participating. It is one of the easiest egg hunts on the grid right now, the eggs are super large.

Helena Stringer - SLS - Freebie Fridays - Ostara's Alter Hunt - 2

If you are curious about the title, it is because for the second time in less than a month, I have my avatar in a pink skin. I am super not a fan of pink, at all.

So why wear it??? Well, there is this new skin store called Nebula, and they have 3 fantasy group gifts out right now. I couldn’t decide on which of the normal line I wanted so I have been using the group gifts as wearable testers, to figure out the face I like most. I think I finally figured it out, so I might b done with the pink. At least for now. Who knows with Fantasy Faire coming up.


Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – Helmet Head in L.E. Blossom – Group Gift (L$100 Join Fee)
Hairbase(BOM) – Shave Mah Head – Shaved in Black – Free on SLM
Mesh Head(BOM) – Dream – Ciara Head – Free for The Stay at Home Club
Mesh Body(BOM/Bento) – Slink – Physique Body Bundle
Skin(BOM) – Nebula – Ursa Skin in Cerise – Group Gift (L$50 Join Fee)
Eyebrows(BOM) – Slink – Black Eyebrows
Eyelashes(Non Bento) – Chemistry – Long Eyelashes – Free on SLM
Mesh Eyes – Soul – Draglien Eyes in DeOH – Group Gift (L$350 Join Fee)
Eyeshadow(BOM) – MOCK Cosmetics – Cyan Fog Eyeshadow – Free Wearable Tester
Eyeliner(BOM) – Squeek! – Black Eyeliner – Free @ Shop Free*Style
Lipgloss(BOM) – Soul – Lipstain in Deo – Group Gift (L$350 Join Fee)
Tattoo – Byrne – Crow Tattoo – L$5 Ostara’s Alter Hunt Item
Hood/Top/Corset – Byrne – Alli Stitched Set in Purple – *NEW and Exclusive* @ Ostara’s Alter
Shorts – Nerdy Girl – Short Shorts in Prints w/Hud – L$1 on SLM
Bindi – Lyrical B!zarre – Ostara Pin (Modded into a Bindi) – L$5 Ostara’s Alter Hunt Item
Earrings – Velika Rituals – Eostra Earrings w/Hud – NEW and Exclusive @ Ostara’s Alter
Necklace(Short) – Vengeful Threads – Ostaras Blessing Necklace w/Hud – Group Gift at Redeux 3rd Anniversary
Necklace(Long) – Cynful – Coax Necklace w/Hud – Group Gift (Free to Join)
Bracelets – Ninety – Infinitum Bracelets in Black – Free on SLM
Ring 1 – Velika Rituals – Engagement to Earth Ring – L$5 Ostara’s Alter Hunt Item
Ring 2 – Velika Rituals – Eostra Ring w/Hud – *NEW and Exclusive* @ Ostara’s Alter

Bento Hand Pose Hud by Oracul – Free Instore
Other poses can be found at Shop Free*Style
Backdrop – The Bearded Guy – Dished Neon Machine – Common Gacha Prize

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