Dark Passions Ostara’s Altar

April 3rd-10th

Ostara’s Altar is a softer side dark style themed shopping market in Second Life.

The Spring thaw brings forth the Goddess Ostara. Pay homage to her altar at Dark Passions Events next themed event. This time we shall bring forth a soft yet magically dark side of spring.. All designers are welcome but priority will be shown to those that dabble in the dark arts of witchcraft, pastel goth, NuGoth, Victorian, magic, whimsical and spookiness in general.

Theme: Wiccan, Equinox, NuGoth, Pastel Goth, Fantasy, Soft Victorian




$5L Hunt

5L$ Gifts are hidden in Ostara eggs throughout the event.

  • Hunt eggs include new items so don’t miss out and collect them all.
  • Some designers have given extra discounts on additional items too.


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