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  1. I’m curious … is there a reason why a HUD is used, rather than posting images of the items for sale here on the website? If the images are already in a HUD, they could be assembled here in a gallery similar to the FLF items, right?

    Why isn’t that being implemented? I know there are people that prefer shopping entirely inSL once logged in [loading times notwithstanding] however, I’m on the other end of the spectrum and prefer an incentive to get me to log in and shop.

    1. I cannot answer why they do the HUD specifically, but while they do use it, there is also a gallery on their website, which I have linked above. I do not own or run this event, just help advertise it for those who do.

      Many events use a HUD now, and some do an online gallery, some do not. As to why many use the HUD, I believe it is just so people in world can have easy access to the images before going, and it loads better than images from a notecard. Some even use a notecard of images on top of the HUD. Not everyone can or wants to have a website for their events so it will vary.

      Due to being limited on time and resources, FLF is the only recurring non SL Syndicate run event that currently has a gallery that we cover in full. All other recurring events we cover are done so with the information and links only.

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