Freebie Fridays – Got me a BIG Rack

Valentines is not a day I entirely understand nor enjoy. It use to be different, but it like many other holidays now, has become overly commercialized and almost stressful.

That being said, it doesn’t mean I can’t try to be cute, without being over the top.

Something you will probably notice in a lot of my posts is my love of Plastik. That whole store is basically me. Very rarely do I encounter something that I don’t like, as there are so many options offered. Over the years, and my hair texture changes, I have always made sure to keep a few set aside that match the range offered at Plastik, so I have seamless fits from hair to whatever I got going on fashion wise.

I was so glad to see there was still an ongoing presence inworld.

I braved the crowds and went to my first ever Shop & Hop run by Linden Labs. I had never heard about these, my sister thinks there was like one or two before I left, but I honestly can’t recall any mention of it. It is an interesting concept, and I really don’t understand why they didn’t do something like this sooner, closer to the beginning of SL’s birth.

I picked up these horns, because they were HUGE! I like that we can have ridiculous things that don’t make any sense in here. It also helped that they were 1/2 off the original price.

I’m still rocking my old Catwa head(though now updated). I have over 40 head demos, and still haven’t found one that really feels like me, and has all the features I want. This one is starting to drive me nuts though, it was 2nd gen, so there is no stop animation button for my eyes, which means they are on a scripted timer. I always have this semi vacant look with this head, but I still like look of the cheekbones. In the right angle, with the right makeup, she looks like Angelina Jolie, who I have always enjoyed looking at.

I have been having a blast with all the makeup layers and appliers. I found these cool eyebrows, which aren’t so perfectly groomed.

I tried my best not to be covered in hearts, but had to get this little clutch, which can colour change.

Stumbled across these heels on SLM, while looking for other things. They have a really nice range of colours in the hud that comes along with them. I’m not big on bows, but these ones aren’t huge, so don’t bother me.


Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – Baby Dragon Ridges in Black – N/A Limited Edition
Hairbase – Tcod Designs – Leana Hairbase in Black – L$9 on SLM
Mesh Head(BOM) – Catwa – Nicki Static Head
Mesh Body(BOM/Bento) – Slink – Physique Body Bundle
Skin(BOM) – Ritual – Elspeth in Phyrra Tone – Group Gift/Instore (Currently Free to Join)
Nail Fix(BOM) – Sweet’s – BOM Quick NailFix for Hands & Feet – Free on SLM
Eyebrows(Applier) – Darzt – Danny Eyebrows – L$1 on SLM
Mesh Eyes – Ponderosa – Lovely Eyes in Black – FREE on SLM
Eyeshadow(BOM) – Zibska – Usao Eyemakeup 18 – FREE @ Unik until Feb 28th
Eyeliner(BOM) – AlaskaMetro – Tightline Eyeliner in Black – FREE Instore Tester
Freckles(Applier) – Birth – Valentine’s Heart Freckles in Style 2 – FREE on SLM
Lipstick(Applier) – Izzie’s – Black Halloween Lipstick in Glossy – FREE on SLM
Nails(Bento) – Beautiful Hustler – Holiday Nails #5 w/Hud – L$1 on SLM
Nail Pedi Applier – Slink Hud Option
Tattoo/Arms(BOM) – Identity Body Shop – Last Warrior in Fresh – FREE on SLM
Tattoo/Legs(BOM) – Lingonberries & Nectarines – Unholy Crosses – FREE on SLM
Dress – AdN – Lovegift Dress w/Hud – L$1 on SLM
Horns – Attic – Long Antlers in Grey – L$100 (1/2 Off) @ Shop&Hop
Headband – AdN – Headband Flowers w/Hud – L$1 on SLM
Earrings – Izzie’s – Teardrop Earrings w/Hud – L$10 on SLM
Septum Ring – Bondi – The Mad Cupid Septum w/Hud – Group Gift @ Shop&Hop (Free to Join)
Necklace 1 – Psycho Barbie – Croix Necklace – Group Gift (L$50 Join Fee)
Necklace 2 – Plastik – Anais Long Chain Necklace w/Hud
Necklace 3 – Plastik – Anais Long Cord Necklace in Radiant w/Hud
Cuffs – Psycho Barbie – Spiked Cuffs in Black – Group Gift (L$50 Join Fee)
Clutch – Sheba – Luv Clutch w/Hud – L$1 on SLM
Shoulder Pet – Psycho Barbie – Skele Pet – Group Gift (L$50 Join Fee)
Heels – Shey – Valentine Bow Heels w/Hud – L$5 on SLM

Backdrop – Exposeur – Girl at the Window – N/A
Poses not from backdrop by Serendipity
Windlight – Custom

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