DRD Hitchhiker’s Hunt!

July 6th - 31st

DRD has brought us another adventure, The Hitchhiker’s Hunt!

It is that time again, time to get ready for a trip to DRD that is!  From July 6th to July 31st there is a sim wide hunt full of goodies that will help you get ready to hit the road.

While on the hunt, be sure to catch the DRD Summer Sale that wrill run July 6th to July 15th.  There will be more information on the sale to be sent out in the DRD in world group.

Be sure to join their free group for a fun community, group gifts, and more.  All their store and media links are below.

How to play is also listed below.


All the following information is direct from the DRD in-world group.


How to HUNT!

Wear your group tag and grab a HUD from the left podium at the START.

  • Start is at the landing in the center of the store.

Wear your HUD and walk around the store clicking on lunch bags.

  • An example lunch bag of the same size, is on the podium. Items appear in the store build and along the path through the store.

Watch your messages in local as you find items.

  • After you find 12 you will receive a message to head back to the start for the last item.

Return to the start and click the podium on the right, while wearing your HUD.

  • You will receive the last and final item.

When you click an item three things can happen:

  1. You get a prize.
  2. You are told you found that bag already.
  3. You find a fake! And it poofs.

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