Project Hilted – Cyber: Release Day!

Round 3: Cyber

For more about what Project Hilted is, how it works, and more, CLICK HERE for full information.

Project HILTED is a box that contains 5 exclusive original mesh items that fit the theme of the month. These products are only available in this box!

Round 3 is now on sale for $600L, but only for today March 1st.  Starting tomorrow March 2nd, the price will be $700L.

If you pre-ordered for this round, you will get your box delivered today March 1st.

Teleport to HILTED Mainstore

As you can see in the ad above, there are 5 exclusive items to be had. 

Below is a bit closer look at each item individually.


Cyber Room Skybox

63 land impact.  The large picture window at the end of one room  is really good for putting fun scenes outside of if you get creative.  The lighting is really easy to tint to a different color if you prefer. 

Hex Chair

4 land impact.  6 Female poses, 6 Male poses, and 6 Cuddle poses.  Fits avatars of all sizes very well.  I am a huge AV and fit in it just fine with a tiny bit of adjusting via the menu.


Hexagon shaped panels at just 1 land impact each and come in 5 different colors:  Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue & Pink.  They are fun to piece together like a colorful puzzle to create some really fun and unique looks, including stretching them out and/or using them on the floor! 

Hanging Decor

2 land impact.  Cute mobile type setup of Moons/Planets. 

Rideable Cyber Slug

This little guy is so cute you won’t want to go anywhere without him for a while!  Just wear him, do not rez, then off you go!

To keep up with all things HILTED, join their group and check out their Flickr!




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