The Forest

Hey Hey everyone, its that time of the week again. So get your explorers caps on, and make sure you dress up warm. We are going to The Forest. I had actually heard about it on Facebook and wanted to check it out. I actually did a blog post there,  and the pics turned out really nice. Now when you first teleport in, you are greeted by a train platform. It’s a cute little wooden platform, with elves, a map, and a picture. Now I usually go left off the platform, to a small little village. It is really cute.

Anyways, as I said travel left, and you get to a village. Now this village is really cute and has a post office, a small coffee shop truck, and a few other storefronts.  I really love this part, as it’s perfect for a lot of good photo ops. Stand in the middle of the street, add a little snow falling, and your hands up with your tongue out. You got a picture in the village square, of you eating snow falling from the sky. This place is great for pics, and even to hang out with a loved one, or a friend.

Then you have what looks to be a really cute hotel or even a chalet. I had checked it out briefly.  Now to get there, you keep on heading through the village, take a right, and go up either stairs or a ski lift. I think it’s that, it could be a Sky train I am not too sure. I actually went up the Sky Train the first time, and then took the stairs after. I would have to say, this house, which I changed the windlight, to show it off better. Looks rather beautiful, the lights surrounding it, and Santa sitting in the center, between two doors. Now that I think of it, it is more of an info center, than a small hotel.

I would have to say, overall that this place is absolutely amazing. Makes you feel like you are in a winter wonderland, and really encapsulates the feeling of winter and Christmas. I really enjoyed going there, and had tonnes of fun, while I was there. I really hope that I do see some of you there, but anyways happy exploring. ♥

Teleport to: The Forest

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