Hiya everyone, its that time of the week again. Time to get that exploring gear on, and come exploring with me.  Now, I have never been to Borneo in Real life. However, I can’t imagine, it would look like that. This place has a really nice run down look, and a cafe on one end, and a private residence on the other. I rather enjoyed the look of the sim, as it felt a bit exotic, and kinda local at the same time. Like you could find, it in your own city or town.

There is a bunch of things to do here, go chill at the cafe, take pictures, dance, go sit by the coast, and much more. What I found especially cool, is the little free bike, rezzer when you first come onto the sim. I really didn’t look inside the buildings, I wanted to leave it up to you the readers, to really take in the sim. But I did check out the exterior, and its really well done. Now, like last week, I changed the lighting, to liven the pictures up.

The way this is laid out, it reminds me of post-apocalyptic, meets vacation spot.  There is, however, one end of the sim, that is closed off to the public. There are ban lines around it. I think my favorite spot, was this part in the picture above. Let me paint a picture for you, you walk down a bunch of old and worn out stairs. Some of the railings are broken, it really feels like this part, is worn down. You get off, and you come up to this dirt clearing, and straight ahead is the river. Now in real life, this little-secluded area would be perfect to chill at. So it definitely is a great chill out spot, whether you be alone, or with a significant area.

Now when I said, there was a cafe at the other end. I meant it, it actually looks really quaint and cute. Now this place I toured the first floor. It actually was really cute and cozy inside. I absolutely loved the layout, tables at the front, and the counter at the back. It does feel kinda odd in a place like this but in a good way. Let me explain, you are in an area, that is in need of a state of repair. At the end of the other side, you see what looks like a really cute little building. You go inside, and the place looks immaculate, cute and cozy. So it’s really well placed, and definitely is a good fit for this part. Anyways, it’s time for me to bid you adieu. Happy adventuring everyone. ♥

Teleport to: Borneo

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