Soul2Soul Highlands (Scottish Isle)

Hiya everyone, it’s that time of the week. The day where we go exploring, today’s destination, Scotland. And guess what? You don’t even have to leave your office. So sit down, strap in, and get ready for an interesting article. I had actually found this place, through a Facebook Page called, Explore Second Life. I have found tonnes of neat places through there. Anyways, we are going to Scotland. Specifically a Scottish Isle. Now at first glance, it definitely has that, UK feel. The paths, the sheep, and the tourists. Like there is a tonne of NPCs around, that actually make it feel a bit crowded. Now my favorite spot was the little castle, nestled in the back.

There are a few rentals there, so if you want to live there, you can get a small rental. Now I accidentally walked into one and got told to get the hell out.  So if you are living there, you are allowed orbs and a bit of security and privacy. But as we keep on going, there is a small beach. It is quite small and quaint. I really enjoyed the beach, it would be perfect to take pictures, or just go on a date. Now as you continue to walk forward, you will happen by NPC tourists, Sheep and a car that is on the right-hand side of the road. It really feels like a small isle. The nicest part I feel, is the landscaping, the trees, and the rocks, and even the buoy’s on the dock as you come in.

I had been here once before, as I wanted to use it for a picture for a blog. However, I thought it would be perfect for today. I usually do these weird and wacky places, but I felt a normal place, was necessary to do. Now back to this place. I did use a different windlight, to better highlight the details, that was already present on the sim.  The person who created this did an amazing job, and I loved every inch of the sim.

The Castle here, actually kinda reminded me of the castle in the movie from Hell. Especially with the windlight, I had used. I have seen that movie multiple times. And the way I took the picture of it, it definitely reminds me of that castle. Overall, I was absolutely amazed by the look of the overall sim, and the layout of it. Anyways, that is all I got for today, happy exploring!!!!

Teleport to: Soul2Soul Highlands(Scottish Isle)

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