Fetlife Social Center

Howdy Guys, I know it’s not Saturday. However, get those exploring hats on, we are going on a bit of an adventure. Today’s adventure is for the adults only. So today we are going to check out the Fetlife Social Center. For some of you that don’t know, it’s a website, that is just for people who are into the kink, to meet each other, and chat with each other. Well, Alex told me about this sim, that they had, so I had to check it out.

Anyways, as you walk teleport in, you are greeted by this lovely relaxation space. This is the entrance, now in the back of my head. I imagined it to be much danker than I thought. But it was very pretty and well decorated.  There is a bunch of stuff to do, from places to just cuddle, to a club. This place has everything for everyone.  Alex and I went here one day and went to cuddle. It was on a Cliff By a waterfall. Now to get to that waterfall, you must go through a cave, or take a teleporter. That area is really beautiful, with beaches and places to cuddle that overlook that area. It really feels like an oasis.

There is a really cool games section, with a whole slew of board games, that you a friend, or even a loved one can play. Alex and I play games a lot, so we thought it was cool. There is also what looks like, a support center, on the other side of the sim. So people who are interested in the site, or in the lifestyle, can join some groups, and sit in to get a better understanding.  On the other end, is a pretty neat looking club, obviously, when I went through it, there was no one there. But Alas, there is an inworld group, that you can join to know of all the happenings. Just copy the link, and copy it in local. Anywho, this place is absolutely stunning. I would recommend it, to anyone who also enjoys taking pictures.  You really need to go there, you will love the atmosphere and how it’s designed.

But if you really want to know more, go check it out for yourself. I had lot’s of fun checking it out myself, and as I said before, Alex and I utilized it, a few times before to cuddle. Anyways, I am off Happy Exploring.

Sammy ♥

Teleport to: Fetlife Social Center


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