Somewhere In Time

Alrighty, guys, It’s that time of the week again. That time, where we put on our explorer’s hats and go Somewhere in Time. No seriously, the sim is called, Somewhere in Time, it’s a picturesque sim. That has this wonderful winter theme. Now before I begin, this sim just opened, and actually, a couple of friends run it. Anyways, I have taken two blog pictures, at this place. I absolutely love it there, the farmhouse is especially my favourite area to take pictures.  It is nice and secluded and is probably the most beautiful part of the sim. Now there are other parts, and if you want to have a nice Wedding pic, there is a chapel too.

Anyways, there is a tonne of areas to check out, and take pictures at. There are a few little homes, dotted around, that are also perfect for taking pictures. There is a small cuddle spot, on the sim and it looks pretty cute and quaint. Another cool place is just as you get in. My landing spot is somehow behind one of the cute quaint houses.  But the actual entrance has a train set on a cliff, stopped for people to get on and off.  Below that, there is a small road, that has a few cars, and what looks to be a small market stall. A couple of cars have trees, and it is a very cute scene setup there.

The place is a very cute place, it has that perfect wintery setting. With a bit of sparkly, to finish it off. It kinda reminds me of when I was a kid, and when I would go into the woods, here in Canada. The place would be all glittery, from the reflection of the snow, and the sky would have this really cool hue to it, making you feel like, you were in some magical faraway land. That is what this sim achieves, the ability to recreate that, and it does it, in a very good job. It definitely brings back those good memories, of Canadian winters.

Another big thing, that caught my attention. Was their attention to detail, from the trees, the little forest critters that were around the area. It really felt like you were in, a winter wonderland. Now if only, there were picture perfect places, like that in Canada. Off topic, I also loved the fact, that when they went and shut down their other sim, they used the train as a way to advertise, that the sim was about to open. Then when it opened, they did it again, this time saying, the train had arrived at its destination. Which created a positive anticipation, for something awesome to come.  Anyways, get that parka on, get those boots, snowshoes and snow pants on, and be ready to take a hike, Somewhere in Time. Happy Exploring everyone. ♥

Teleport To: Somewhere In Time

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