Alrighty, guys, it’s that time of the week again. It’s Saturday, which means it’s time for a bit of exploration. Today’s destination is Arranmore. A dark yet picturesque sim. I have known about this sim, for a while. I have always enjoyed taking photos there. Right when you get in, you land at a train station. Behind you, is a lighthouse, to your left a Small Ferris wheel. To your right, a small decrepit house. And in front of you, is a graveyard, and a haunted house. The house on the hill is my absolute favorite place, to go.  I have taken a few photos there.

We are gonna go left first while walking that way, we will see a small church, schoolhouse, dock and at the end of that path, is a small Ferris wheel.  Now let’s move back, and go down the right this time. There is a burning complex, a small little farmhouse, and across a bit of water, is a small broken down house. I absolutely love this sim, it is both creepy and cute. Two of my favorite words. I also love the fact, that it’s not all clustered in one spot. Each area has a little bit of a theme. You definitely don’t feel like you have seen it before. She has a few other sims, and its the same thing. Well decorated, and keeps to an underlying theme. Which when I see some picturesque sims, some are all over the place, and others look kinda, well outdated.

But with this sim and her other sims. Which I should so do articles on, as well. They keep a good consistency and make you feel like, you are immersed in the world, she created.  That is what keeps me coming back to sims like these. Just that feeling, like you, are actually there. To me, all photo sims should have a story, that is laid out over the sim. But I am off topic, back to Arranmore. I absolutely love the graveyard, that leads to the house. It looks amazing, full of life, and chalked with detail. I know Life and graveyards, are a total oxymoron, however, that was the best word to describe it.

Anyways, now onto the house. The house, looks stunning, especially when you take photos, with the lightning in the background. But I didn’t get that, I got the moon, which even then, it’s still beautiful. I love the dead trees, and the feel of foreboding, as you enter the house. Literally, as you walk up those steps, your heart drops, and you feel like you shouldn’t be there. But if you dare to enter the house, it is pretty amazing inside. There are ghosts, killer clowns, the place looks run down. That is the charm about the house, it looks run down, and like it hadn’t been lived in, in years. Which the owner and creator of the sim, did an amazing job at capturing. If you are ever down for a good adventure and want to get immersed in a sim. Than Arranmore is the place for you. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this, I really enjoyed writing it. Also, happy exploring. ♥

Teleport To: Arranmore

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