The Raven’s Nest Cafe & Gallery

Alrighty, guys, its Saturday and we all know what that means. Exploration time,  today I went to check out The Raven’s Nest Cafe and Gallery. I actually heard about it, through Alex, we did some pictures for the gallery. It’s owned by a couple of friends of hers, and it looks pretty cool. The outside looks pretty neat, there is a line of Cherry Blossom trees, and a fountain, at the entrance. Even though its a small little platform in the Sky, the entrance is very well presented.

Anyways, as we step in, we have two different directions. Head straight to the Cafe, or go left, to the Gallery. But we are going left, for now, now the gallery is a small one. But there is a tonne of cool pictures, on these cool dividers, and some hanging from the ceiling.  I am biased, but I really enjoyed the picture, that Alex and I did together, it is literally the center row, first pictures. We tried to do it forced, but it didn’t feel right, so we did a more natural feeling picture. I just went off on a tangent. Anyways there are 3 rows of pictures, and there are a few empty ones in the back, I am excited to see what new pictures go up there.

Anyways, let head away from the gallery, and go upstairs. Upstairs, on the loft, is a small and quaint little cafe. It’s actually my favorite part, it allows you to look down at the gallery, if you are too lazy, to get up and look around for yourself. Anyways, there are a few tables, and at the front, is a small little counter, where you can make your order. It really feels like a small, family run cafe up there. I think I am gonna talk about this in high praise since I have a love for coffee.

All in all, I absolutely love the place, I loved what they did with it,  I love the little gallery, and I especially love the cafe. I can’t get enough, about talking about the Gallery. I think that this place is amazing, and I can’t wait for the proprietors to put up more pictures in the gallery. I absolutely loved, every picture, each had their own flair and character. You can definitely tell, each person put a lot of heart and soul, in each piece. Anyways, if you want to check it out, I will leave a TP-link down below. I hope you have an awesome Saturday and Happy Exploring. ♥

Teleport  To: The Ravens Nest & Cafe

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