Transylvania(Vampire Empire)

Hey guys its that time of the week that I take you on an adventure to a new place. Today I visited Transylvania(Vampire Empire). It’s an RP community, for those people who are into the Vampire, Werewolf, and anything else dark. I had actually found it on a Flickr page of someone I follow.  When I first teleported in, you can definitely tell that it has a very dark and Macabre vibe. From the Windlight to how the shops and other buildings are set up. This place even has a castle and a beach.  So for all you adventurous souls out there, you can now go chill at a vampire beach.


I think one of my favorite spots has to be the beach.  For being dark and Macabre, it really gave me a peaceful, and tranquil feel. Like I could spend hours there and forget about the world. The beach has a pretty cool boardwalk that is packed, but not too packed that it looks overcrowded. It has this  very lived in feel. Like there are shops, and a few other things, along with the boardwalk. The centerpiece is a little walk through pizzeria, which I love freakin pizza. I don’t know why many of my beaches, has stalls and shops, or even a boardwalk, RL. The beach is actually a small quaint beach.  Not too big, not too small, it was just right. I absolutely loved it there while I was taking the picture.

There are homes for rent there. So if you want to live there, you can. These homes fit the whole build. Run down outside, and probably run down inside. I didn’t go in, as I didn’t want to be trespassing on properties. Even in the town center, it had a few townhomes, and shops for rent. So if you want to roleplay as a necromancer, and live there, go right ahead, that would be kinda awesome actually. Anyways, I walked up and down the streets, and actually got lost in the town a couple of times. Good thing I have a good sense of direction. I was able to find my way to where I needed to go.

Now we get onto the last part, which I found very cool. The Castle, Crypt and Cemetery. I thought it was pretty cool and I gave the grounds a quick look through. The landscaping, and how the all the buildings are there, it fits in really well. I absolutely loved the crypt, it added a really nice touch to an already creepy scene.  I didn’t really check out the interiors, as well I wanted to leave that up to my intrepid explorers who read this post. That and I didn’t know if they were someones private space. So I looked around the castle grounds. You really can’t see it back there, but there is a graveyard. Now for photographers, this place would make an amazing place to take photos at. Especially those creepy Halloween ones.  In conclusion, I absolutely loved the total layout of the place, how dark and creepy the atmosphere was, and just the overall feel of the place.

Happy Hunting

Sammy ♥

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