Frog Hollow

Hey Guys, it’s that time of the week again. It’s Saturday so let’s go exploring today. Now today I went to visit a Frog Hollow. A small quaint little sim that is perfect for pictures, or even to take your honey on a romantic date. Anyways, once you teleport in you are put on this dock, and you have two paths to go. They both take you back to the dock. But I decided to take the left path, I was feeling lucky. Anyways, as I was walking, I saw this really cool chessboard seating area. Like you won’t believe it, there were big chess pieces, a small seating area, and lit up, floating umbrellas.

Anyways, as you step in further, you are greeted by this brick pavilion with a piano, and what looks like sheet music floating around. As I said before, this is a small sim, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in beauty. I absolutely loved this part, it was small, yet crawling with life.  With every tree, leaf, blades of grass, and everything else, it just didn’t really feel small. It felt bigger than it actually was. I was amazed by it, the whole walk. Trust me, it’s hard to get me to go wow.

Now I was talking about the chessboard before, so let me get into more detail. I absolutely loved this part, it looks very posh, and well like some rich dude would waste his money on a sitting room like this. Like it looks so lush, and well rich, that I forgot that I wasn’t. Off that topic, I would have to say this is my all time favorite thing at the sim. It definitely brought more life to the sim itself. Even though it was luscious and fall it definitely shows little brown, whites, blues, and tans. It really made that area pop.

Now onto this Brick Pavilion. I really should be a tour guide. But anyways, it was a great centerpiece. I absolutely loved the easel with the painting, and the Piano. I especially loved the touch they added with the music sheets floating around. It really brought that pavilion to life. Anyways, its $50L to join the group and to be able to rez your own things. It is not a bad price, but pretty reasonable, especially with how much work was put into this place. I would definitely implore you to explore this place, and enjoy it for yourself.

Happy Exploring. ♥

Teleport To: Frog Hollow

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