Hey guys, it’s another Saturday, so it’s another exploration post. Today we are talking about Athenaeum. An adult sim that is actually pretty cool. From first glances,  it looks like a place just for pictures. But once you go deeper, you realize that it’s a place for BDSM. But they do it really well, they don’t make the place look deprived or derelict like most places do. They do it with class and style, which was actually really cool.  I enjoyed having to find my way to each place, and not realizing it was in fact made for that. That all being said, if you want to take your partner there, just for pictures and dance, then go right ahead.

The first place I checked out was a history museum on the topic. I actually enjoyed and gained much more respect for the lifestyle as a whole.  That was actually one of the three favorite places I checked out. I honestly forgot that I was doing this for an article, I was so enthralled with this place. It gives a lot of really good info and I learned a lot, but I will leave it up to you, the reader, to go explore and learn it all for yourself. From the group info, they also offer classes and are classified as an Artistic Adult sim.

This is the art gallery, I absolutely loved walking through it, and checking out the art. I am a sucker for history and art, so this was right up my alley. But even then, the area it’s in gives it the feeling that it’s from the early 1900s.  I would say the 1910s – 1920s. The car that was there looked like it was from that time. But to that, the attention to detail that the owner put in it is absolutely amazing.  It has forests, a small bonfire, and even a small trailer area. One can get lost really easily. I did multiple times.

The house was a marvel to behold. The place looks like a classy gentlemen’s club. Not the stripper joint one, but it had cigar rooms, libraries, and studies.  It even had a pool table in the back. It felt like a place that a high-class society meets.  When you go upstairs, you are greeted by a few rooms, which are decorated lavishly. Again, they went with class, which really shows. The bed was a four poster bed and it had a really nice fireplace in the room. Each room had a very nice classy look. Even when you get to the attic, again you would assume its just a normal old house. But no, that is where the rooms of depravity were. Honestly, I half expected to be a secret cave, and it would be much worse down there.  But a look around the grounds shows that it doesn’t exist.  Speaking of which, in the back garden, there is a bathhouse, a pool, and a small club/dancing area. Which again, was very well put together.  Anyways, if you would like to see it for yourself. I will leave a link to it, below.

Happy Exploring ♥


Teleport To: Athenaeum


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