I actually found this while I was checking out events with Alex. We arrived at the event venue and saw that there was more. So we kinda just went to investigate the land itself. There are backdrops where you can take photos with items you got from the event. There are a couple of wedding venues, and what looks like a Narnia-esque area. It is a small area, however, its pretty cute. It’s literally a one-stop shop, get married, take pics, and then just chill out. That is if, you are into that.

My favorite spot was the Narnia-esque place. It was small and quaint, and is a great spot for taking those wintery photos.  This whole place gave me that wintery feel. I am usually not a big fan of the season, but I think this sim renewed my love for it.  Anyways, another big thing I liked was the 4 backdrops.  I can’t really tell you which one is my favorite, as I kinda like all of them. But anyways, I went on a tangent. This sim is great, and the event, it was alright.

So now onto what is behind.  I wanted to take so many pictures, but I knew if I did I would be here all day, typing them out. The two wedding venue places are right behind me.  They look great, and I can imagine that you can rent them out for the day. So if you plan on getting married soon, here is a good place to go. I don’t know the rates, so sorry about that. But let’s get on to Narnia, not really. But it sure does look like it.

So this is Narnia, or so it feels like it to me.  It’s pretty cute before you walk in, but when you actually do go through the light at the tunnel, you are given the most spectacular splendor that you ever saw. I just really loved this part of the place, it was serene and peaceful. I would have got lost in my thoughts had Alex not been there. Yeah I tend to escape to other worlds when I see something I really like. Yeah, this place really lets me meditate, and just calm down, and de-stress. Anyways, if you want to see the beauty for yourself.


Yours Truly

Sammy ♥

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