Today I visited a place, I have used a lot, for my photos. It’s called Kekeland-Bardeco. Its actual setup like an Italian village, it’s beautiful, it Quaint, and it was done really well. I love the attention to detail, especially to some of the storefronts, and interiors. You really feel like, you are at a coastal Italian village. It also has a small club, that is off the coast, on a small rock. It looks pretty rundown, and something I actually like. The little club is literally built into a ruined building.


I have actually been there, multiple times to take pictures, and you can actually see it on my Flickr. Another favorite part of mine, is the little backwoods area, there. It has a tonne of villas, and even a small trailer park, with a truck, parked in the back. Really makes the place, feel alive. Another favorite place of mine, is the little own square, with the cafe, the two bars, and the little bakery. Actually the first place, I know off by heart and could tell you, where everything is.

Another favorite spot of mine is the small little beaches that are dotted around, and even the castle, high on the cliff. It is a great vantage point, for good panoramic pictures. Overall, if you want a small Italian village, and are looking for a good place to take, amazing pics. This is definitely the place, to come to. for photos, and even if you want to take that special someone out dancing. As they have a small little club, to come and dance. Hell, you could take couples photos, and then go dancing after.

As I had said earlier, the club has that ruined yet very well kept vibe. The docks, that you get on, to get there, especially are pretty.  I like places like this, as you can take your photo, then go dancing after. Especially if you are bored, and have nothing to do. Anyways, I have rambled way too long, about this place. Come to check it out, yourself, you will be amazed at the spectacle, that is. Kekeland-Bardeco

Teleport: Kekeland-Bardeco

Yours Truly


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