Slodka Norka Beach

Today I am gonna be talking about Slodka Norka Beach. The place is rated Adult, so please don’t bring your kids. Anyways, this place is really nice. Good place for pics, hanging out, and it even has its own hidden beach club, which looks pretty cool. I really loved they had a central water slide area, especially with the water feature that it is part of.

The place even has what looks like a little house for you to just sit in and chill. The place has a pool and a hot tube, so if you don’t want to be on the beach, you can go up there,  take your significant other with you, and just chill, cuddle and even dance. I would love to take Alex there to check it out.

I also really enjoyed that it didn’t feel like everything was just shoved to one side, and that there weren’t empty spots. There is something to do everywhere, and they really did a good job at the landscaping.  Like every corner has something to do and it’s not overcrowded, which you see a lot, with some beaches, or in some places. I took a quick look, and every little nook and cranny had something to do. Somewhere to cuddle, and even take pics.

I think what truly blew me away was the attention to detail, especially with the sand and the water, and the terraforming. Most beaches have this odd drop-off, or use props, to give it the look. But they used the land to its advantage, which really worked.  I have been to a few beaches where the landscaping was horrible, the terraforming was pretty iffy, and the water and the land looked off. But this place did a really good job at maintaining consistency. Which is key to exploring new places. Is it consistent? Does it flow cohesively? Does the area make sense?  Anyways, here is another spot, to come and explore, and just chill.

Yours Truly

Sammy ♥

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