Japan Tempura Island

Today we are taking a look at Japan Tempura Island. A great destination for dates, hangouts, pictures, and even just to explore. I had a bit of a hard time getting around, but it’s due to me not really paying attention to where everything was. Once I got my bearings, I was able to find my way around and actually enjoy the place. Now I have been here before, with an ex, but only saw the ballroom, which even, 3 years later, it still looks absolutely stunning.

Anyways, onto the article. This place has a few well-hidden spots for coming to just cuddle. I would have to say, out of all the little-hidden gems, it’s a tie between the steampunk sub, and the little tree hideaways.  Another favorite place is tucked away in the front, up to a massive hill, it’s a little cuddle, and dance spot with cherry blossoms, and pink flowers, which I don’t know the exact name of.  It also has a few balconies and a few wells placed higher cuddle and hangout spots. Absolutely loved them, especially the ones in the palace. There is like 6 of them, a few of them are open to the world and 2 are closed rooms.  Then there is this really cool dining area and on top of the palace is another couple of areas to cuddle and to dance.

The place is big and you can easily get lost in it. There are a lot of hidden areas and great spots to just hang out, dance, cuddle, and even have a date at.  At the end of the day, you can only take my word for it. Go see it for yourself, and you will be amazed.


Yours Truly

Sammy ♥


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