Gardens of Grace: Lonely Soul Sanctuary.

Today I went to the Lonely Soul Sanctuary, a great place to date, dance, or even chill with friends. Again, Alex and I went there, on a date. We sat on a bench and cuddled actually. It was quiet, serene and peaceful. There are many places to go, like a cool greenhouse, or if you want that quick Vegas wedding. They have a chapel with an NPC Pastor/Priest/ whatever you call it in your religion.  They have a couple of chapels actually. There are a few dance balls strewn around that allow you to dance with that special someone. Alex and I tried the picnic area and we think the scripts are broken, but yes, there is a picnic area.  The centerpiece is the lighthouse. It is actually pretty awesome and I enjoyed just walking around and taking in every sight and sound there was.

Anyways, from that photo you see the place is beautiful and well put together. They have little secluded areas for more privacy for that date, or significant other.  But anyway, on to this worded tour.  There are bridges that connect the two land masses, which are freakin awesome. Really ornate, and well detailed wooden bridges. The lighthouse was another cool building. It kinda reminded me, of the lighthouse in Anvil (From Elder Scrolls Oblivion. Amazing game by the way.)  Anyways, I remember in that Lighthouse, from the game, it was a one bedroom place with a kitchen on the lower level, and the bedroom on the upper level in the house. Then you would go to the back and the lighthouse. It’s not laid out like that, but when I saw it, it reminded me of that.


I would have to say, out of the whole place, this Greenhouse is my favorite. Its open concept, it is open to the skies, allows for more natural light, which is amazing for dancing, or even just taking pictures. The exterior decoration, the foliage, the plants, and the trees just make it a beautifully done landscape. The broken path, that leads up to this greenhouse. It’s absolutely amazing, I just love that rustic feeling of the place. Anyways, I am rambling too much, you should go see it for yourself. If you want to see what I’m talking about.  Anyways, if you want to see more, come to Gardens of Grace: Lonely Sanctuary. To have an awesome dating experience, or even an awesome exploring experience.

Yours Truly: Sammy ♥

TP to : Gardens of Grace: Lonely Sanctuary.

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