Welcome to: Hypnotic Romance

Welcome to Hypnotic Romance, a romantic hotspot for you to take your loved ones, or even your first date too. I actually discovered this on a date with Astara. I was taken aback by the beauty of the place. It was so tranquil and peaceful. When she and I first got in, we were greeted by an interesting dance floor/ teleport hub. There are actually multiple places you can dance; a Treehouse, a dock with a bench facing the lake, and a huge field where you can just stand around and get to know that special someone.

In my opinion, my favorite spot would have to be the bench on a dock by the lake. The windlight looked awesome, it was both atmospheric and pretty. There are dance balls scattered around the place. The dance balls are rainbow colored and teardrop shaped.


Teleport to: Hypnotice Romance


Yours Truly


Sammy <3

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