World Of Soap

Welcome to the World of Soap, a grungy and unkempt sim that actually has a bit of beauty in its chaos. A good place for photos, and for RPing. You step into the little town of Missing Mile, run down and in definite need of repairs. But as I said, that is the beauty of it, as it feels a bit post apocalyptic, yet still maintains that feel that there is still a glimmer of civilization. Anyways, after you step off this terminal, you are greeted by a rustic bar and this statue that oddly looks like its in a strait-jacket.


Anyways as we adventure through this town, we see that there is a movie theater, bar, and a waffle hut. I just did a picture there and I had tons of fun. That and waffles for breakfast was freakin awesome, don’t let anyone tell you different. Anyways, before I went on that rant, this place has that dark and creepy atmosphere that I really loved, and has tons of cool places that are good for photos and RP.

There are a ton of rentals, which gives you an opportunity to call this place home. If I had the money, and didn’t already have a home, I would already be living here. Anyways, I have actually been here before, with a couple of friends. They were showing it around to me and saying it was the inspiration for their RP sim.

Anyways, this is all I have for now. I think you will love it here, given all its amazing opportunities, and its weird beauty. I don’t think you will not enjoy this.Β  Hell if you just want a place to take those really grungy photos. This is the place to be.

Yours Truly


Sammy <3

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  1. Cool place! πŸ™‚ Great write up. I like the atmosphere. I’m watching Supernatural (season 3 right now) and i think Dean/Sammy could easily end up here to fight demons and ghosts (or make deals with them!) ~Albion

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