Vordun Art Gallery And Museum

As I walk up the Concrete steps, into the Vordun Gallery and Museum. I am taken aback, by the amazing architecture of the building. Its modern look, paled by the lush greenery that surrounds it. The place inspires awe and amazement, into your very heart.

Walking into the building itself, you are presented with a lovely reception area, and an interactive HUD, which I will explain to you in a few. The HUD labelled with numbers, allows for both text and voice to come through during each painting, making this a very interactive museum. Actually the HUD is my favorite part of this whole thing.

But the HUD only pales in comparison to the gallery itself. From the paintings, to even how it is laid out. The place looks amazing on the inside. I took a quick browse around, and found that I was actually amazed by the detailed explanations, of both the painter, and the painting, and its history. The museum and art gallery looks as if it was carefully put together to get the attendee to really feel captivated and lost in the story of the paintings.

If you really want to pass the time, or take your date on a very intellectual and awe inspiring time, come here, you will not regret it. I really enjoyed my time here, and would recommend it to any budding historian and artist alike. I really hope you enjoy this, and get the same amazement that I did.

Yours Truly Sammy

Teleport To: The Vordun Museum and Art Gallery

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