Butterfly Conservatory


Today I explored the Butterfly Conservatory. It was well laid out and was really neat. It had a few noteworthy things, like an ostrich, a bug exhibit, and lots of butterflies. Yeah obviously it would have lots of butterflies, it’s called the butterfly conservatory


This place is located right across the street from a place called Merge, which is where I work. Actually this was the first time I had ever been there, it was really neat. The place is run by some pretty cool people, who I have become close friends with.

Now lets head inside, the place is filled with tons of stuff including what looks like the plant from the little shop of horrors, which was a good movie by the way. One of Rick Moranis’ crowning movies. Anywho, as you step through the interior doors, you are greeted by lovely sights and sounds. To the left a medium pond and waterfall. And to the right a decent bug exhibit. Walking around the winding and narrow pathway, you come across a bridge, which is actually cute, since you can take a photo here with your significant other. I had to come here a second time, and show Astara the cute couples pose ball. If you want a peaceful and tranquil place, this is the place to be.

Anywho if you want to come check it out, everyone is welcome to come down.

Yours Truly Sammy

Teleport to : The Butterfly Conservatory

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