Do you want to learn how to script?

So recently I have using some of my “I am too sick for life so I will watch Youtube for hours on end” time to watch useful videos instead.  One of those topics has been LSL scripting for Second Life.  You see I would love to learn how to make some cool games and such for Syndicate, but I have no idea how.  In my quest to learn more I have found this great channel by Rebecca Davis which has over 60 scripting tutorials to date, which new videos being added regularly.  I find their voice very nice and easy to understand.  They also are great at explaining things in simple terms and not leaving bits of info out.  Everything is done step by step and I find it very easy to follow.

So far from following these tutorials, I have managed to script a very simple treasure hunt type game that yes still needs some refining, but I am very proud of myself for doing it.  As I watch this series more I hope to refine it more and be able to send it out to our SLS sponsors so that they can use it in their stores if they like 😀

♥ Astara

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