Howdy, everyone! I’m Zed, i’m new in this amazing team and i wanted to share something with you all, something in my style and that i fell in love with!

So, as you’ll soon understand, i’m a horror lover, i love the dark, moody, strange and creepy places, expecially if filled with pain and scary creatures or blood. (Sorry, i was raised with bread and Silente Hill, where you expecting a Fairy Queen?)
So, going around i found this awesome place called UNTITLED. It’s kinda horror.
Walking around It gave me various feelings but i kinda want to deepen that a bit today.
You can see, from the following photos, that there is a lot of pain and chains, some sculpures that look like people trying to get to an escape and got stucked, frozen or fossilized there, in their “run for your life attempt”.
Well, this, to me,  reminded me of how is to live with depression or BPD or any kind of mental disorder, that day or week or period where you feel trapped in your own mind, where you feel like you can’t speak your mind because otherwise it will destroy the connections you have. Those bad thoughts that are screaming in your head and you can’t let get a voice or will turn your life to to ashes.
This is what It reminded me of, not in a bad way. Not in a “bummer” way. It was just as if some of my mental states were explained in a visual way. It made me feel understood.
Got and take a peek for yourself, i really liked the place.
Windlight used: Region Windlight


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