Want Better Lighting For Pics in SL? Follow This Tutorial!

So I messed up my lighting setup in SL and as I was rewatching this tutorial I thought it would be good to share this with you guys.  As an Admirer of Rina Edenflower, who is a stunning blogger and I totally recommend checking her out,  I have always wondered how she does her lighting.  I commented one day how much I love her lighting and wished I could do that and she was so kind as to message me with the link to the following tutorial.  What a sweetie <3

Foxcity not only has great tutorials on their Youtube channel for photographers, but has an Inworld store filled with Bento Poses, Backdrops, and Lighting to wear to create effects with.  They are very much worth a visit and seeing what they have to offer if you are into avatar focused photography.

Teleport to Foxcity

The tutorials are quite short and sweet which is good.  I just pause them at the parts with the lighting value in the edit window and then plug them into my lights in world.  It really can make a world of difference to your photos, so try it out!

♥ Astara

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