Sponsors / Affiliates

Deadly Nightshade

Bringing you quality avatar accessories of the magical and otherworldly variety.


Women's clothing and accessories as well as unisex tattoos.

Candle and Cauldron

Original virtual spiritual and occult Items.


Women's clothing, accessories, hair and more! Alternative styles such as goth, punk, rockabilly, etc..


Alternative eyes, horns, skins, accessories and more. Formerly {Rue}.

Dragon Magick Wares

Dragon Magick Wares is a eclectic mix of low prim, unique & whimsical homes for all size avatars since 2009. Selling houses, furnishings, clothing & more!

Raven's Gaze

A mix of elegance & darkness, Raven's Gaze is a dynamic shop with ever expanding items for all your gothic & witchy needs in SL.


Detailed and unique filigree, art-nouveau, fantasy, and Victorian Gothic style jewelry and accessories for ladies and gentlemen.

The Artifact Hunt

The permanent, gridwide & networked treasure hunting game. Join and earn Linden Dollars and win various prizes by opening tricky treasure boxes protected by mini games: sliding puzzle, memory game, or riddle.

B.O.D. Beauty of Darkness

Clothing, accessories & tattoos. Styles include goth, urban, rock, emo, and more!

Circa Living

Specializing in architecture, landscape items, furnishings, unique lighting, home accessories, & fine art. We now design jewelry as well. Modern & vintage classic styles.


Fun themed home decor and accessory items from the whimsical to magical.

Albion ScriptWorks

Skilled, friendly, reliable scripter. Actively involved with Second Life since 2005.

VSN Magazine

Magazine VSN offers a vision of what is happening in virtual worlds in 3D