If you find that any of the links listed here are no longer active, or have changed at all, then please let us know.  The best way to contact us is our Discord channel, but you may also use our Contact Us section.  Thank you for helping keep this list up to date!

Insilico | Moderate

Rez Rights | Yes – 2 Min AutoReturn

Sci-Fi themed sim.  Has many, many places to explore.  Not just for RP but great places for photos too. – Website

Hangars Liquide | Moderate

Rez Rights | Yes – Free Group Join

Cyber Punk Roleplay sim, sprawls over 4 sims.  Very techno and futuristic.

Doomed Ship and Nexus Prime| Moderate

Rez Rights | No|HUD Required

a role-play environment where players can immerse themselves in a space rescue/salvage mission gone horribly wrong and discover the secrets of the NCS Persephone.

 +++City of Lost Angels+++| Adult

Rez Rights | Yes|CCS Meter|No Application required

The roleplay plot of Lost Angels is set in Los Angeles California thirty years in the future. The age of humanity has crumbled to ruin over the course of the last half century. Los Angeles is one of the last living cities on the planet after decades of war and a global catastrophe that simultaneously wiped out most of the population and brought a return of magic to the world.

Transylvania | Moderate

Rez Rights | No| No Application required

Dark and nostalgic, a modern gothic community and home to the Transylvania Family with nightly dj’s, art exhibits, shopping and residences. Explore the family castle, graveyard, beach and other spots around the sim for ideal photographic opportunities and places to relax and enjoy. All are welcome. 14 Years and Counting

.:[ Mortal Crossroads ]:.| Moderate 

Rez Rights | No| HUD required 

These 5 sims are dedicated to Bloodlines Roleplay for Vampires, Lycans, Angels, Demons and Humans! For more info on the system:

The Wastelands | Moderate

Rez Rights | Yes – No Group Needed

A post apocolyptic world spread across multiple sims.  Even has a free game you can play that takes you on an adventure across the lands.

Santa Ramona | Adult

Rez Rights | Yes – Resident Group Required – Not Open To All

A coastal city set in modern southern California. Has IC and OOC groups so you can RP and/or just explore, however keep any plain chatter to the OOC group as the sim is fully immersed RP at all times. – Website   In-World IC Group  In-World OOC Group

The Bucket of Blood (New Babbage) | Moderate

Rez Rights | Yes – No Group Needed

A sprawling urban jungle with a steampunk undertone.  Free to join and explore.