SecondLife Community | Linden Labs community website.

Love To Decorate | Great website with home & garden info & resources. – Facebook / Flickr / Plurk

Art Galleries of Second Life | Great resource for galleries in SL.

GridAffairs | Great site for keeping up to date with events & happenings.

Hunt SL | Up to date information on different hunts, both for hunters & designers

Strawberry Singh Tutorials | Great resource for “How To” on a variety of topics.

The Draxx Files | SL Radio Hour.

Mesh Body Addicts | Great reference for all things about Male & Female mesh bodies & heads.

Blogger & Vlogger Network | Networking & education for bloggers.

Twisted Hunt | Website for one of the largest communities in SL.  Hosting multiple hunts and events quarterly.

Blogging Second Life | Directory of SL Stores

Fabulous Free in SL | Helpful site for those new to SL with basic information on getting started.

New World News | Website for news in Second Life, Real Life and everything in between. Features articles about content creation, photography, places, flickr pics of the day, and more. 


SL Free & Offers | Blog roll of all things SL.

NessMarket | Sales & freebies in SL

Fabulous Free in SL | $75L & under finds in SL | Great resource for sales, gifts, events and much more in SL.

iheartsl  | Second Life fashion & community blog feed.

Maitreya Gifts, Sales & News | Blog for all things Maitreya body related.

THIRD LIFE | Blog for freebies, gifts & hunts.

What’s New SL | Feed of stores listing/blogging new releases.

Mainstore SL | Directory of new releases in SL

Hunt SL | Up to date information on different hunts, both for hunters & designers


Really fun & engaging channel with a wide variety of topics from exploration to questions.

Strawberry Singh

Great channel full of tutorials, tips & tricks, and awesome places to explore in Second Life.

Draxtor Despres

Channel for The Draxx Files & SL Machinima.

ChiMia SL

Great channel for videos on how to create for and manage a store in world.

Astara Lovecraft

Fashion blogger.  Features events, item demos and free event items.

Naria Panthar

Hilarious Youtuber who does videos about freebies from larger events and does Fifty Linden Friday videos.


Photography tutorials which many tips and tricks for lighting in SL

Rebecca Davis

A full series of tutorials that cover pretty much everything you can image.  A great Youtuber who is a great teacher.

L’Homme | Great resource for men’s fashion and style. – Quarterly Publication – Facebook

VSN | Great resource for all things SL, from fashion to exploring. – Monthly Publication

Attention | Great overall lifestyle magazine that has a bit of everything, including great articles on locations. – Monthly Publication

ECLIPSE | Great mix of fashion, home & decor, and sim exploration.  – Monthly Publication

ModeLS | All things fashion from looks to models, photographers and more! – Monthly Publication

Versus | Great resource for all things SL, from fashion to exploring. – Quarterly Publication

LTD | Great magazine for all things home & garden! – Bi-Monthly Publication

Event Finder | Group for creators looking for open events that are recruiting. – FacebookFree to join

Love To Decorate | Great group for all things home & garden. – Free to join

Fabulous Free in SL | In world group great for networking, sharing finds & hearing about deals. – Free to join

Blogging SL – The Store & Creators List | In world group for creators & customers to share & learn of new releases & stores. – Free to join

Twisted Hunt | Twisted main group & a great resource for all things alternative in SL. Very chatty group for those whom like SL community. – Free to join Website

Omega Applier Systems – Support | Group for help & questions regarding anything Omega. – $5L to join

Omega Obsession | Notices on new releases of Omega products from a variety of creators. – Free to join

omega gifts | Group for Omega freebies & bargains. – Free to join

Maitreya Gifts, Sales & News | Huge independent group sharing info on gifts & cheapies for the Lara body – WebsiteFree to join

Maitreya Lara Friends | Large independent support group for help on all things related to the Lara body. – Free to join

What’s New SL | Group to see what creators are releasing. – WebsiteFree to join

SL frees & offers | Huge group with daily notices on gifts, sales & releases. – Website Free to join

THIRD LIFE | Large group for freebies, gifts, hunts & more. – Website$10L to join

Skin Addiction | Great group for keeping up on new skin releases, sales and gifts. – WebsiteFree to join

Gimme Gacha | The offical trade & update group for The Gacha Garden, The Imaginarium, and GachaLand – 23000+ membersFree to join

GACHAADDICT | Buy/Sell/Trade/Advertise any and all gachas in SL – 1200+ members$10L to join

Gacha Guild | Check out their rules on their website.1300+ members$1L to join

All Things Gacha | Buy/Sell/Trade/Advertise any and all gachas in SL – 900+ membersFree to join

The Boss is Away Gacha Sale & Trade | Buy/Sell/Trade any and all gachas in SL – 900+ membersFree to join

GS Gacha Trade and Chat | Buy/Sell/Trade/Advertise any and all gachas in SL – 900+ membersFree to join

Olde Gacha Exports | Buy/Sell/Trade any and all gachas in SL – 500+ membersFree to join

 Grid Wide Gacha | Buy/Sell/Trade/Advertise any and all gachas in SL – 500+ membersFree to join


Epic Gacha Markets | Multiple sim gacha yard sale

Gacha Grove | Sim sized yard sale

Gacha Shack | Multiple sim gacha yard sale

A.N.Doo’na-mis | Sim sized yard sale

Gacha Warehouse | Sim sized yard sale

Gacha Emporium & Bazaar | Multiple sim gacha yard sale

Seasonal Chances | Sim sized yard sale


Good Gravy Thrift Shop | Yard sale

Gacha Goddess | Sim size yard sale

Clearance Yard Sale | Yard sale

Gacha Kovered | Yard sale

CADEAU – Your GaCha Go To | Yard sale

Independent Gacha Yardsale | Yard sale

Kozmik Kulture Gacha Goodies | Yard sale

Mackalu’s Gacha Gurus | Yard sale

Lyricc’s Gacha Yard Sale | Yard sale

All Gachas Pull Price | Yard sale

GachaLife | Yard sale

SL New Release Feed | Great resource for new releases & events of all types.  Highly recommended for all!

Be Yourself SL Bloggers

BEP-Gacha Trade

Glutz | Mostly Furries & Gamers