Please include the following information:

  1. Name of & Slurl of location(s)
  2. Category for item(s) – Freebie, Cheapie, Group Gift, etc.
  3. Event Poster & Info – For any events, please give dates, any posters available and a small description.

There are two different ways to submit a suggestion to us. 

  1. Discord – Join our server and you can use the Contact Us room to post information OR you may message Ylva Korhonen or Astara Lovecraft (astarabonnibelle) privately.
  2. Contact Us – The tab at the top right of the website will open a form for you to submit information to us directly to email.

Yes we do!  We have plenty of space for everyone to chill and hang out so stop by and join us!

This is our hub for in world information and items so keep an eye out as we add things over time!

Second Life Syndicate HQ

We are always looking for more sponsors so please just read the points below and if you would like further information contact Ylva Korhonen or Astara Lovecraft (astarabonnibelle) in world.

Basic requirements and perks of SLS Sponsors:

  • Requires joining the Second Life Syndicate Affairs group which takes up one spot. This is by invite only so is locked to the SLS Admin and any Creators, bloggers, etc.
  • Must have the SLS kiosk up in their shop (only 1 LI)
  • Have at least one free item out in your store and/or on sim.
    • We encourage the use of a puzzle box or something similar so it is not just a simple freebie, but something they must earn.
    • Changed at least every 6 months and must be of quality.
    • Preferably unisex, however we know this is often not possible due to the nature of stores, so we will do our best to have a variety of stores to cover all types.
    • We will need a photo/ad of any items so we may display them at our HQ with a landmark to that store location.
  • Get priority for any hosted events, hunts, activities, etc. put on by SLS. (Any creator may apply to these, hence the priority.)
  • Take part in some of our events. No one is required to do them all, but at least one.
  • No fees for any events ever if it can be helped.

We are always on the look out for those who want to be part of the SLS crew, be it a website author, a manager, event//hunt/activity help or just general contributor.

There are a few general requirements for all potential SLS crew members:

  1. Be fluent in English.
  2. Must use Discord as it is our main tool for communication.
  3. Be active on a regular basis, not just sporadically.
  4. Be open to being assigned tasks and/or topics.
  5. Have fun and like to talk/chat. We are a chatty bunch of goofballs so we want to make sure anyone who joins knows just what they may be in for 🙂

If all of the above are met, you are most welcome to apply for the crew, just fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

SLS Application

If you are a creator or blogger and would like to be part of the Syndicate Sunday events, you may apply at the first of each month.

We will open applications for both designers and bloggers at the first of every month.  There will be a three week window to apply, but the sooner the better.

It is not a guarantee that you will get accepted, but we will do our best to accommodate everyone as best as we can.

As for the applications, we will put a post out with all the application links and information at the first of each month, both on our site and in our Discord.

We do not currently have advertisements on our site and do not have plans to change that in the near future.

We do not have anything set up outside of SL for donations.

If you would like to help out via in world donations, do stop by at Second Life Syndicate HQ as we have a donation box set up.

A great way to help is to subscribe to the YouTube channels, blogs, etc. and support the work of those in the SL community.

If you are still wanting to help out in any other way, such as working with us, then please contact us for further information.

See first question on the best ways to contact us.

There are multiple ways to make money in SL.

  1. Become a content creator – See Tutorials section for further information on this.
  2. Re-Sell Gachas – This is commonly done via the Marketplace or yard sale sims in world.  See Resources > Gachas for links to current yard sales.
    1. Selling in the Marketplace
  3. Work – There are many jobs in SL one may apply for.  Clubs are the most common and available for all to try for.