SLS Presents Naughty vs Nice

December 16, 2018 – January 5, 2019 all-day

A unique twist on a Winter/Holiday event!

Sponsored by:   CIRCA Living  ~  Candle and Cauldron ~  EscalateD  ~  Noctis

WHEN:  Sunday December 16th – Saturday January 5th

WHERE:  Takes place all over grid in actual stores, not an event area.

WHAT:  Winter/Holiday Naughty & Nice themed items.  Get your bag, go to stores & pay to play a display for prizes!

  • All displays have equal amounts of Naughty and Nice items in them.
  • All displays have a grand prize for those whom have the VIP HUD and buy all items in the tree.
  • Displays will be $25L or $50L per play, depending on content.

HOW:  Holiday shoppers can get their bag and/or HUD in world.  There are two ways to play.

  1. FREE will give you a bag and get you access to play all the displays, but not to any grand prizes or extras along the way.
  2. VIP HUD will get you our exclusive HUD along with the following:
  • Access to all displays
  • Access to all grand prizes
  • Fun effects, sounds, and more.


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