All the listings below are designed to be interactive whether at a club, using a HUD, the SL experience, sporting type setups, etc..  If you have any suggestions for places to list below, please contact us via our Discord channel or the Contact Us section at the top.

The Wastelands | Moderate

Rez Rights | Yes – No Group Needed

A post apocolyptic world spread across multiple sims.  They have a free HUD based game you can play that takes you on an adventure across the lands.  Find a video arcade game to get your copy.

It is recommended you go through the tutorial to understand how it all works.

The Artifact Hunt | Grid wide hunt that requires a HUD and puzzle boxes which grant you chances to win prizes and/or Lindens from all over.

Go to the starting point and grab you HUD.  The free version gives you 15 locations and the Pro version gives you up to 50 along with statistic features and access to a jackpot at the starting point.

There are 5 different puzzles box types you can teleport around to and try to solve and win from so get started and happy hunting! – Free (pay $1L & is refunded to you) or Pro for $250L. – Article About Artifact Hunt

Grimly’s Bloodbath and Beyond | Moderate

Rez Rights | Yes – No Group Needed

A free zombie hunting game with quests and shooting and stabbing and just fun! We have enjoyed playing this a lot! – Article About Grimley’s Bloodbath

Second Life Syndicate HQ | Variety of table & table top games

Havendale Village | Variety of table top games & a mechanical bull

C.H.C | Moderate | Vehicle Sim

Rez Rights | Yes – 30 min Auto Return

Has 3 tracks. Store – Skytrack – Offroad
Can use your own vehicle or use a demo on the rezzer at each track.

HaruMotors | General | Vehicle Sim

Rez Rights | Yes – 2 Min Auto Return

Cars will not return as long as you are in them.
5 different driving tracks. All have a timer so you can time your laps.

The Arcanum Arena | Moderate – Magic Battle Arena

Rez Rights | Yes – No Group Needed

5 Min Auto Return

Battle arena for Magic HUDs only.  No Spammers – No Griefers – No Traditional Weapons (Guns, knives, etc.).  There are 2 NPC battle bots to use as well.

Cowboys & Angels | Moderate | Shooting Range

Rez Rights | Yes – No Group Needed

No Auto Return

TonkTastic | General | Shooting Range

Rez Rights | Yes – No Group Needed

2 Min Auto Return