THIS IS WRONG! Black Friday gacha sale, Lucky Board tattoos, and SLF&O hunt gift.

Now before you think I’m saying it’s wrong for the store to have a sale, the stores name is actually THIS IS WRONG. They make some of my personal favorite tattoos as they are all unique and GORGEOUS! This is Wrong provides unique tattoos for men, women, and unisex on an array of bodies. Females include Maitreya […]

The Itsy-Bitsy Spider…An Itsy Bitsy Cutie Spider avatar post! So I usually don’t do random avs, especially furry avs. That’s not my niche but sometimes, one of them comes around and I literally squeal in delight and have to show it off. With this round of the Gacha Guild, Visual Magick did it with the Itsy Bitsy Cutie Spider avs.I have to give a HUGE […]

Hair Fair 2018

Morning lovelies!  It’s time for hair fair!  If you don’t know what it is, in a nutshell, hair fair is a once yearly fair dedicated not just to selling hair, but raising money.  At least 15% of the money from each purchase goes to Wigs For Kids, a charity that gives wigs to kids that […]