Tarte. 50% Off Sale

April 10th-13th Spring into the new season with a sale! Everything at the tarte. mainstore is marked down 50%, gachas included! *Excludes current event releases, gift cards, old pre-discounted gachas, and marketplace. Don’t forget to wear your tarte. group tag to receive 5% store credit on all purchases.  The group is just $20L to join […]

Eudora 3D Sale

During the current health crisis all products at the in-world mainstore location will be discounted by 50%, with an automatic refund on purchase. The store VIP group, which is a $50L join fee, gives you access to some great group gifts that more than make up for the cost. In-World Group Flickr Flickr Group Facebook Page […]

Freebie Fridays – Dark visiting the Light

Into the forest they creep,Clawing forward,Touching the deep. This is no place for them,Yet they come,Flowing over rock and stem. Shadows fade and darken,both,silent the trees hearken. Awakening is what it brings,to this secluded place,As day alights on bright laced wings. Original Poem by Helena Stringer I missed a friday, I know. Did you miss […]

Freebie Fridays – Inverted

I have to say, I am still having troubles picking out a head. I got this one to play with until I find my main head, though. I played with the shape, and really enjoy the look I got with it. My old static heads, you really couldn’t do much with those. This one is […]

Mainframe Event – Pulled by Gravity

***Warning – I like to write, talk, yammer. If you aren’t into that, credits are at the bottom. *** After 3 1/2 years, I have been finally pulled back in. Into what? Second Life. The circumstances of my leaving wasn’t ideal, nor was it wanted. After time, it got easier and easier to not come […]