An Enchanting Kind Of Hunt

Enchantment is a cute and fun shopping event in Second Life that focuses on themes around fantasy and fairytale.  The latest round is based on Alice In Wonderland, with creators being inspired by the fairytale and putting their own spin on it.  Along with the shopping event is a fun hunt with some awesome items […]

Rotten Egg Hunt 2018

We love a good hunt here at SLS, have you noticed?  We try and bring you info on the best ones, and today we have another!  The lovely ladies who own stores on the Lanisha sim have brought this Sim Wide hunt, and the items are awesome!  Over thirty stores have taken part to make […]

MODA Easter Egg Hunt 2018

It really is hunt season, huh?  This one is a store hunt from MODA, one of my personal favourite shoe stores.  Because it is Easter, you are running around the MODA sim looking for colourful eggs and grabbing them for 0L.  Now, MODA is primarily a women’s shoe store, however, there are unisex items in this hunt!  […]

RC Cluster 2 Day Hunt!

Saturday & Sunday only! See if you can find all 12 hard to find clovers! Each one has at least one freebie inside. There are also exclusive colors that will be gone forever after this holiday! This hunt is DIFFICULT and it’s also SIM WIDE. Good Luck, you’re going to need it. Teleport to Salchicha […]

Femboy Hunt!

So this is something I had no idea existed but am glad it does as I know there are folks out there looking for items like this.  A lot of stuff is compatible with V-Tech so yay for that!  It will run all through the month of March so you have plenty of time to […]