Femboy Hunt March 2019
Mar 1 – Mar 31 all-day

DATES: March 1st – March 31st

THEME: Casual/Everyday Clothing.

INFO:   The Femboy Hunt is the first and only hunt in Second Life for femboy, androgynous, neutrois, non-binary and alternate gendered avatars. Creators from all over the grid offer flat chested items with no boob shading fit for V-Tech, Simple Stuff and Slink Petite chest mods, femboy friendly avatars such as Kuroo, Kemono, Avatar 2.0, Orange Nova, Solarian, all male and female mesh bodies, as well as footwear, jewelry and accessories, clothing with bulges, and other clothing in a variety of styles.

The hunt items cost $2L each and will be hidden inside a small winged potion bottles dressed up to fit the theme. Creators will hide this bottle with their item inside, in their stores during the month of the event! Each round as a different theme chosen by the hunters by poll on the website. Some past themes include: Cyberpunk, formal wear, Gothic, purity, science fiction and so many more!


GROUP:  Click Here

WEBSITE:  Click Here

FLICKR:  Click Here

STEAM: The Hunt! XIV
Mar 1 – Mar 31 all-day

The only remaining Victorian Steampunk-themed grid-wide hunt in SL!

With 75+ stores, there are a lot of goodies to find.  When the hunt opens, you will be looking for a gear.  There will be an example one by the hunt posters at each location so you can see what it looks like, and get a hint from it as well.

Be sure to join the in world group for hunters, listed below, so you can stay up to date on any changes, get help, etc..  Those who do join the group and finish the hunt will get a special gift.


Twisted Hunt – Divine
Mar 1 – Mar 31 all-day

The Spring edition of The Twisted Hunt has just kicked off and offers you a HUGE range of gifts, prizes and extra games. Twisted hunt is for sure the most evil of hunts in SL, and is sure to challenge your hunting abilities, but it is a lot of fun.

For the full Merchant list go here: Merchant List
To start the Hunt go here: Twisted Hunt Start
For hints, help & updates: Twisted Hunt Group

Harvest Moon Chakra Hunt
Mar 17 – Mar 24 all-day

March 17th-24th you can find all the items in the photo below hidden over at Harvest Moon for their Chakra Hunt!

In-World Group


Teleport to Harvest Moon