Dog Days of Summer Hunt
Aug 1 – Aug 31 all-day

The Dog Days of Summer Hunt is a sim-wide adult summer & pet play inspired hunt at A Town Called Short Leash.

All Hunt Items Are $10L – $25L Each

Please keep in mind this is an ADULT sim and hunt- NO CHILD AVATARS will be allowed.

  • Hunt items will be hidden in all public areas of A Town Called Short Leash sim.
  • Each hunt item is only $10L-$25L
  • Each store features at least one exclusive item to the hunt.
  • Be on the lookout for paws hiding across the sim- find one and you’ve found your hunt item! Each store’s heart color corresponds with their heart on the website (hunt hints).
  • Each store’s paw will be labeled for all around ease.
  • Grab the hunt hints located at the hunt start (or link below) and get you kink on!

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Hunt Hints

Hunt Info

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Shady Sim Seasonal Hunt – Summer
Aug 1 – Aug 15 all-day


Crate – Punch – Dots – Salt – Zombie Suicide – MUG – Meow.Hi – Seka – Mellow


Party Neon

  • All items are $20L each and hidden in stores around the Shady sim.  Look for a little beach ball.
  • Any item with a symbol on it will be exclusive to this hunt and not resold once the hunt is over.

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