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So I bet you are wondering just what Second Life Syndicate is and what is it for. Well, give us a few minutes and we will tell you!

Second Life Syndicate is more than just a project, it is a movement. Our goal is to gather as much useful and quality information as possible to share in one place. We want to create a community of people and information for all to take part in. This is not limited to just shopping or events, but to exploring and experiencing everything that SL has to offer in all forms.


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  • That is just it. To get all the information we want to share, you currently have to sift through endless blogs and sites and quite often you still may not find everything you are looking for. Put as much in one location and it can help immensely.
  • Anything. Literally almost anything. From fun locations you find that may be great to explore, take photos/videos at, play games, or just relax on to small events that get overlooked in the shadow of the major well known ones. Also included will be tutorials on a variety of topics for all level of users and yes we also want to share sales, groups, deals, and more. The possibilities really are endless here so who knows what else we may share down the road.
  • Look, not everyone has a large Linden budget in SL, but that does not mean they deserve to get stuck with crappy content. That is not fair to them, or to those of us whom have to look at them if we are honest. The other side to all of this is that even if you do have the Lindens to buy items, it is nice to try something from a creator, that is not a demo, in order to get a feel for their work. We do this as do countless others. Besides, we all like free so shhhhh!
  • As for gifts, well this is a great way for SL creators to reward their loyal customers and show their appreciation. It also gives us customers something to not only look forward to, but a reason to stay loyal and stick with that creator.
  • There are so many things we cannot go through them all but we can mention a few. To start, as mentioned before, we want to create a full on SL community for all. Our in world HQ will evolve into what we hope will be a fun community center with activities, games and such, not just information and all that. We want to create a place for everyone to hang out together and enjoy themselves.
  • While we do intend to eventually have gifts and much more for you, we really want to get more creative and in depth for you all. We are hoping to eventually create games, hunts, etc. that will take place not just at our HQ but across the grid.
  • Discord is intended for chat, community & information. We will have a group of people, mainly Designers & Bloggers, who will be posting great finds and more for you all to see so keep up to date on all of that as our SL family grows.

  • The group in world is intended for most of the same things above, however it is also intented to eventually get you access to possible gifts, sales and much more. We will always keep you informed as we evolve and more perks are added.