Mainframe Event – Pulled by Gravity

Give me Gravity, so my feet are solid on the ground

***Warning – I like to write, talk, yammer. If you aren’t into that, credits are at the bottom. ***

After 3 1/2 years, I have been finally pulled back in. Into what? Second Life. The circumstances of my leaving wasn’t ideal, nor was it wanted. After time, it got easier and easier to not come in. I am a gunhoe type of person, so when I am inworld, I am giving it my all.

Some of you newer avatars might not even know me, and that is okay. I don’t mind teaching you along the way. You will be seeing my face more often, on here, and other places.

We will learn things together, hopefully, as SL is forever changing. Or maybe you will be my teacher, as there are things, that even after a few weeks of being back, I just don’t understand. You will probably see some of those struggles, as I fumble along on here.

I’m Helena Stringer, new to the Second Life Syndicate Team, but not new to SL. I am primarily a Hair Designer, Avid Blogger, as well as a backend Helper to many past events. I love hunting, the harder the better. My fav colour in SL is green, I love mohawks, Horns, and eyeballs. That is all a bit general, but it is a start.

There are many things planned with the site moving forward, as I work with the team here. I am excited on what will be brought to the table for you all.

Sorry . . . have a wedgie, excuse me a moment . . .

Mainframe is an event that was crated by the Second Life Syndicate team, so naturally it was something that I was going to cover on the website here.

I often go more Macabre/Fantasy in second life, if given the choice, but it is always fun to play with new things and styles. I had entirely too much fun pulling this outfit together, playing with the monochromatic theme, and bringing in some red to make it all pop.

Anyone else just love eyeballs?

I’ve really enjoyed creating an outfit from the product lineup at Mainframe. Everything is so eyecatching, I even enjoyed the little touches the designers put in their booths to make it all the more up to theme.

I’ve also been enjoying a new-to-me pose store, called Serendipity. I was on the hunt for some Bento poses, something else that was barely inworld when I left. This store has some different ones, I liked the style.

Cubic Cherry made these leg addons, which are suppose to be robotic parts that replace your normal mesh legs. Now, I wear a Slink Physique Bento/BOM Enabled Body, and these are offered in Maitreya and Slink Hourglass. This means I had to do a bit of fandangling. See, because of the BOM, I can’t alpha out bits of my body, so had to rely on alpha layers, which the legs don’t come with. The best fit was the Maitreya, then I went through a bunch of my thigh high boot alphas, until I found one that worked. Just though I would share my workaround, if there is anyone else who is in my situation.

I also couldn’t figure out if you were meant to wear shoes or not, as Maitreya footwear does not fit the Maitreya Leg Addons. Been having fun tiptoeing everywhere, tho.

Ends Feb. 20th – Slurl:


Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – Ruin in Unicorn – L$10 until Feb. 16th
Hairbase – Adoness – Loki Hairbase in White
Mesh Head(BOM) – Catwa – Nicki Static Head
Mesh Body(BOM/Bento) – Slink – Physique Body Bundle
Mesh Legs – Cubic Cherry – Altered Leg Addons – *NEW* @ Mainframe
Skin(BOM) – Human Gl1tch – Mnfrm Skin in MTL Genus1 – *NEW* @ Mainframe
Mesh Eyes – Weaponized Sugar – Demonia Eyes V2 – Store Closed
Eyeshadow 1 – Option on Hud for Head
Eyeshadow 2(BOM) – AlaskaMetro – Fall Runway 03 – L$10 Clearance Sale
Eyeshadow 3(BOM) – AlaskaMetro – Wytch 03 – L$10 Clearance Sale
Lipgloss(BOM) – B. Sinister – Gloss 0.1 – FREE on SLM
Nails(Bento) – Slink – Dynamic Stiletto Nails
Nail Applier – Koffin Nails – Future Tech in Red
Tattoo(BOM) – Nefekalum Tattoos – Enhancement in Red – *NEW* @ Mainframe
Bodysuit(BOM) – Luxuria – Strapped Bodysuit in Red – Store Closed
Harness – Wimey – Latex Vixen Harness in Black
Bracelet – Plastik – Absole Bracelet in Chevron Style w/Options Hud
Rings(Bento) – Purrrrfect Kitties Creations – Emily Rings w/Options Hud
Forehead Addon – Normandy – The Oeil Gems – *NEW* @ Mainframe
Floating Accessories – Zibska – Koronis Accessories – *NEW* @ Mainframe

Backdrop – The Bearded Guy – Future Cosmos/The Base RARE – *NEW* Gacha Item @ Mainframe
Poses by Serendipity
Windlight – [TOR] Scifi – Cranched

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