SteamTrunk Vol. 1: Pre-Orders Open!

SLS Presents: SteamTrunk Vol.1

SteamTrunk Vol. 1 brings you 6 exclusive designers, all with original mesh and design, in a Steampunk theme!

  • Pre-Orders are open until July 31st and cost just L$1000 each.
  • Full release will be August 1st and cost will go up to L$1500 each.
  • All of our crates will run for 3 months then be retired. 


Each store has a minimum of a L$500 value in each crate.  That means you get at least L$3000 worth of goods for as little as L$1000!

All crates will be unisex, unless we state otherwise.  Our goal is to make them as universal as possible.

You can purchase your Pre-Order at the SLS HQ in world, SLS Marketplace, or any of the participating stores in the crate.

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