DRD Summer Sale!

July 6th - 15th

All the following information comes directly from DRD.


30% Off Everything – Savings refunded after purchase.



  • Gacha Machine Plays (full sets are 30% off)
  • Gift Cards
  • Marketplace
  • Recent releases (Newsstand, Street Sweet, Acid Rain Lookout, Recycled Garden Nook, The Joint Delivery Van, Neglected Kitchen, Wasteland Grub Hub, Converted Tool Shed, Powergaming Shed)


50% Off These – Vendor already set to sale price.

  • Boho Princess
  • Timberland
  • Wasteland Hobo
  • Suicide Booth
  • Backyard Art Studio
  • Block Party
  • Rebecca’s Nightmare
  • Converted Tram


PLEASE NOTE! Vendors that are 50% off are already discounted but will read as 30% off in the Caspervend menu. Also, vendors that are NOT on sale will still read as having a discount when you look in the Caspervend menu.


We have NO CONTROL over this, it is NOT false advertising it is a limitation of the vending system. Here are the vendors that may show a discount which are NOT on sale. Consider yourself properly advertised too.

  • Gift Cards
  • Newsstand
  • Street Sweet
  • Acid Rain Lookout
  • Recycled Garden Nook
  • The Joint Delivery Van
  • Neglected Kitchen
  • Wasteland Grub Hub
  • Converted Tool Shed
  • Powergaming Shed

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