Project Hilted – Vacation: Release Day!

Round 7: Vacation

For more about what Project Hilted is, how it works, and more, CLICK HERE for full information.

Project HILTED is a box that contains 5 exclusive original mesh items that fit the theme of the month. These products are only available in this box!

Round 7 is now on sale for $600L, but only for today June 1st.  Starting tomorrow June 2nd, the price will be $700L.

If you pre-ordered for this round, you will get your box delivered today March 1st.

Teleport to HILTED Mainstore

As you can see in the ad above, there are 5 exclusive items to be had. 

Below is a bit closer look at each item individually.



8 Land Impact, this cute photobooth is a window looking out to a balcony with a view of palm trees and a tropical island.

Surf Decor & Chair

4 land impact.  The decor version is a cute little addition to any beach, and the chair version has 14 poses for you to chill on the sand.

Pool Floaty in 4 Colors

2 Land Impact, these floatys are designed to be put on a pool or sea.  There is 14 poses including ones to lay on the floaty, as well as to dangle your legs in the water.

Trunk Table

2 land impact.  Just a fun table from your travels.


1 Land Impact.  An awesome piece of decor to complete the set.

To keep up with all things HILTED, join their group and check out their Flickr!


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