Project Hilted – Puppies & Kittens: Release Day!

Round 6: Puppies & Kittens

For more about what Project Hilted is, how it works, and more, CLICK HERE for full information.

Project HILTED is a box that contains 5 exclusive original mesh items that fit the theme of the month. These products are only available in this box!

Round 6 is now on sale for $600L, but only for today June 1st.  Starting tomorrow June 2nd, the price will be $700L.

If you pre-ordered for this round, you will get your box delivered today June 1st.

Teleport to HILTED Mainstore

As you can see in the ad above, there are 5 exclusive items to be had. 

Below is a bit closer look at each item individually.


Paw Backdrop

21 land impact.  This cute backdrop is perfect for your puppy photo needs.  It also comes with the paw prints on their own to be used as decor.

Kitty Sofa

This sofa is just 5 land impact and full of poses for you and your loved one.  It is packed with cuddles, just what every puppy loves!

Dog & Kitty Plush

These are just 2 land impact each and so adorable.  There is a puppy version and a kitty version, so no matter which you prefer you can have the one that best suits you.  Or why not both?

Prince & Princess Dog Door

1 land impact.  Comes with a blue Prince version and a pink Princess version.

Dog Fund

Maybe its your savings for a new puppy?  Maybe it is your puppys pocket money?  at 2 land impact it can be whatever you like!

To keep up with all things HILTED, join their group and check out their Flickr!




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