SLS 1st Anniversary Celebration!

May 17th-19th

Wow!  It has been a full year of us here over at Second Life Syndicate.  While it has been crazy, it has been fun. 

To celebrate, we are having a little fun at our in world HQ.  There will be a handful of free gifts for all to come enjoy, some 50% off items by multiple designers down in our sewer, and a little hunt down there as well.

Now being us, we couldn’t just do the usual type of theme.  All of us here at SLS are shitheads, so we figured as we are silly and enjoy silly things, we would have a celebration of just that, shit.

Some shit is on sale, some shit has to be found, and some shit is free.  Come enjoy some shit with us! 

Look for our little market stalls near the main landing point to find some fun free gifts for you all.  That’s right, some free shit for all!

Follow the arrows of poo down to the sewer for some great 50% off deals by a variety of designers.  Go on, buy some shit!

For our hunt, just look for the little cute poo emoji that we made to hide things in.  Look at him, isn’t he a cute little shit?  LOL

You can also grab a free copy of this little Plush Poo buddy up in the gift area.  He is sitting out among his fellow gift friends, which actually include a golden poo trophy.  Yes a poo trophy.  I know, you always wanted one right?  You’re welcome 🙂

Throughout the weekend we will be around and there may be some DJ sessions as well, one never knows. 

Our HQ does have a good variety of games to play for those who like that sort of thing (I mean who doesn’t like games), so feel free to hang out any time, weekend or not, for any of that.


**IMPORTANT to know is that there is Adult content involved in this event.**


Let’s Do This Shit!

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