Upgrades Designer Spotlight: Ex Machina & Hilted

We are showing a bit on each of the designers taking part in Upgrades 1.0 so you all may get a little look at who will bring you some fun new items very soon.

Second showcase is Ex Machina & Hilted

Pre-Orders May 17th-31st

Full Release June 1st

What is Upgrades 1.0?  Click Below to find out more.

Upgrades 1.0

SLS Crates

Ex Machina

Ex Machina is really a breath of fresh air when it comes to Cyber and Steampunk.  Their designs are stunning with an incredible attention to detail.  Have a look at these past releases:


Hilted is a store that makes an incredible variety of items.  There really is a little something for everyone, but something they specialize in is Sci-Fi.  Check out some of their Sci-Fi items here:

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